Forged in the fields of suburbia, Nugeni began when a handful of brothers and their tidy sister in law decided to clean up their act. With diverse backgrounds in mess manufacturing and dirty design, the well equipped team partnered with friends and engineering geniuses overseas - and together set out to create the most powerful, efficient, advanced-yet-simple-to-use cleaning system in the world.

With goals as high as our laundry piles, the consultation and development process began. We were ready to pioneer a new clean.

We researched every vacuum on and off the market. None of them meet our needs (or yours). We needed a system with tornadic force. It rains cats and dogs and kids around here. Nothing but a tornado can suck up all that filth. And a steam cleaner was the only way to safely sanitize our crazy lives. Not only should this system work good, it needed to look good. Because we believe that smart and sexy are not contradictions.

The system needed to be lightweight yet sturdy enough that our kids could clean up their own messes. And even though some of us came clean - admitting we sometimes love the roar of a vacuum to drown out the noise of bickering little children - we decided that life is noisy enough already. Our vacuum would be as quiet as a mouse.  A stealth, sexy, eco friendly dirt sucking monster mouse.

We weren’t afraid to get dirty. We had no problem sucking it up when we made mistakes. And if our vacuum was also a steamy little number - so be it. We believe life’s complicated messes can be simple to pick up.

Nugeni technology is patented, advanced, mom-and-kid tested and mother-in-law approved. It is compact- a heavyweight machine disguised in a lightweight facade. There is nothing else like Nugeni in the world. In fact, now we all clean things we didn’t even know we could (Or should!). We live a simpler, cleaner, happier life - and you can, too.

Developing our cleaning system at first was like wishing for a new genie in a bottle. Thankfully, at Nugeni, wishes do come true. Just wait until you see what we do next.

What do you wish for?